Going to make accurate measurements easy~!

Been around a little while. 5+ years?
Fish thing.
Seachem is a pretty decent company.

I'll be measuring my 3-2-1 by the book~!
I might have to get myself one as well, thats pretty neat.
I wanna cut these FF salts you gave me in half toward the end but id be guessing at best without something accurate like that lol.
Spoon arrived yesterday.(y)
Seems good quality and large enough to mix the 3-2-1 by the gallon or more. Spoon probably holds 3 tablespoons+?
I'll post pics and share how much it holds when I use it in the next few days.
I do believe growing/ feeding just got easier for me.
Used the new spoon today.
It easily holds and measures 35 grams of Jacks part A.

Easy to use and read.
DSC_0595 - Copy.JPG
DSC_0596 - Copy.JPG
Overall pleased very much and will use every time I mix moving forward.
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