2024 outdoor stuff 😶‍🌫️🫣

I don't grow veggies but would imagine most follow same protocol as cannabis.
Hence the tomato/herb commonality in ferts.
I use like 4-4-4 for my flowers early then just cause of herb transition like in flower.
Only every flower can be way different, compared to cannabis or most late blooming veggies.
Yeah I imagine they're all pretty similar when it comes to veggies.
I kinda already knew which way I was headed, just wanted to hear some other opinions or nutrient options. Maybe something cheaper even lol.

I was gonna use the alfalfa pellets I have here from my rabbits but they take 30-40 days to break down and become active so I ditched that idea
i also like this burpee stuff too.. it's a heavier granule and doesn't get washed away easy...


the three things you see in that bucket is exactly what i gave my veggie plants... maters are luvin it!!!!

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