The end of week 9 in the flower tent, day 63 for the lazy bikers and I'm either going 65 or 70 days still haven't totally decided, going to scope them later today for more insight

Here is a look at the veg tent, it's starting to play a role in my decision to chop the flower tent ..packed full especially after I up potted the coffee crisp and dip-n-stix to 3 gallon pots.

Clone update....lost 1 in the lazy biker tray and lost 1 in the contest seed tray a couple more in the contest seed tray that look like they may not make it but they also might, I cut them super short trying some shit no 100%

Thanks for checking in as always....stay hi
Stunning my bro, hell yea! Outstanding work, absolutely gorgeous πŸ‘Š
Thanks sweet they aren't as perky as id like I don't think I'm truly watering them enough. Rather under than over water though I suppose. I get water delivered and a couple times with this plant count I've been down to my last jug...probably need to back down and grow bigger plants

G$ has me anxious to try those aether x GDP...just started some reg seeds so I think they'll be soon depending how I deal with sexing the ones I'm currently running
Harvest was a success. Long feckin day went 730am til 330 20 hours to switch everything and break everything down. Little longer than I wanted but it's done now so that's good.

Thinking about my friends that ain't around to enjoy this bounty with me, dug up some old pics to share...

"MDK and the Phuck Use". RIP they'd rightfully expect me to be growing some killer buds in these days. We had a gang sign πŸ˜€

Damn, 😩

Anywho here are some pics for the harvest, thinking about doing a guess the weight game and maybe offering up a pack of seeds to the closest guess? If so I'll make a thread specifically for it.


Anyway thanks for the views, if y'all wanna start taking a guess go for it...I should make a thread but I'll wait and see if people jump on it first a bit... probably be Greenpoint seeds, fems of some sorts. I'll get better pics for the thread if people wanna play...or a short video of it all so you can kinda see what's there

Peace ✌🏻

*Edit anyone who guesses in here and would like to adjust their guess if I make a thread and post a video showing more than you thought, that will be accepted...those pics don't tell the tale
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Lost but not forgotten. It's a sad day when the young ones get pulled away but it sure helps us all recognize what's really important.

My guess is gonna be 343 grams.
Ok no shit ....I think the Phuck Use are fucking with me

See the dam smiling face πŸ§πŸ˜³πŸ˜²πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«IMG_20240313_175025569.jpg

Ok really weird after I seen the jokers face above I saw a face profile in the cloud. Kind of changed before I got a picture but looked like my buddy in the boats facial profile he had a button nose.... creepy
So it gets a little funnier yet. I called my buddy who I've mentioned before on here as "hotdog" so I call hotdog and I'm telling him the story and I sent him the pics and he was like that's wild, he was driving with another friend of ours. He calls me back about 15 mins later and he is like "did you see my text?". Nope. He said dude billygoat is fuckin with us both now...he said I'm driving towards town look at what i just the time i looked it was looking more like a glock pistol...i said that pistol? He said it is now, but look what it used to be

What it used to be πŸ˜‚

Drying in my veg tent, temp is a little bit warmer than I like but humidity is staying dead nuts 60... nice I'll take it all dayScreenshot_20240316-124009~2.png

Humidity currently rising in my other tent pay that no mind had a dehu on I didn't mean to have on....whoops
Getting ready to figure out what's next in line here. Currently have 2 veg tents and I'm gonna wait til my plants are where I want them before flipping, no hard timeline on that. Low humidity, like real low has these ladies upset a bit. Trying a couple airpots Moe gave me, see how they go.


My clones I was posting about that I haven't updated? Yea I neglected the shit out of them again....vpd issues...low heat. Some of my gear still serves two purposes and when you got a lot going on at once it's hard to take something from over here and use it over I just let the clones mostly die, a few made it which is all I needed. Doing more cloning currently taking them a little more serious this time, had just too much going on recently. Anyway the cups on the bowl are the clones yea not too many survivors, I gave 2 away. IMG_20240318_203142374_HDR.jpg
This whole tent looked sorry as hell when I took the a couple charlie brown trees I basically left a couple leafs on to see if they'll take the abuse. I pulled 95% of their leaves 😬
Got a couple jars I need to burp before I tally final weight...IMG_20240319_005514767.jpg
Little Sunday update, upping the pots today. The contest seeds needed some nutes but I had been busy so they got fresh soil today. Also put the super glazed haze into an airpot, I love the way that plant is growing, got my eye on her. So everything in the flower tent is in 5 gallons now waiting to flip. IMG_20240324_093134928_HDR.jpg
Also up potted the Deathstar x Cherry Moonshine from DFG. Showing them a little love, get them out of the cups.IMG_20240324_110902664_HDR.jpg

Time to get stoned ✌🏻
Little look at the flower tent, the 4 lighter color plants are the contest seeds I let get away from me a little bit. Trying to green them up some before I flip them. In the back we got lazy biker, super glazed haze, and then another lazy biker on the right (darker plant). The gelato I'm finding to be a mag whore.IMG_20240328_190928149_HDR.jpg
Here's the veg side of things
/\ clones in cups some lazy biker some from contest...all but gelato...which she is being a bitch the little pots we got the deathstar x cherry moonshine from DFG looking happy as always.
Really monster fans on the Dip-n-stix, I thought the coffee crisp next to her had big fans til those dino paws popped out
And of course we got these ever tall lazy bikers I was lazy with...they've lived a miserable life but stay pretty happy in that little 2 gallon pot....these may be my outdoor attempt for this year IDK...maybe toss them out there and see how they do. I love the smoke she puts off.
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It was definitely dank, complete day wrecker, don't smoke it if you got plans that's my only tip lol.
I ordered and got some GDP x Wilson from Masonic and am waiting to get Jeff's PDR and Irie's tester Skunk up an running. As soon as I get more of DFG's beans I am popping them 1st. Nice grow MDK and congrats on the Baseball raffle! S
I ordered and got some GDP x Wilson from Masonic and am waiting to get Jeff's PDR and Irie's tester Skunk up an running. As soon as I get more of DFG's beans I am popping them 1st. Nice grow MDK and congrats on the Baseball raffle! S
I've heard some stuff about that Wilson strain, curious how that one goes. Masonic or whoever it is that puts that out posts funny ass stuff about it all the time. The name kills me lol πŸ˜†
These monster fans seemed to be the only thing wanting to really grow on this dip-n-stix...I got tired of seeing them suck up all the nutes and photons so I said nope and cut em

They literally looked bigger every time I looked at em. The only thing the plant was doing was growing those and going straight up, sus if you ask me....growing like a dude, shall seeIMG_20240330_001939038.jpg
Nice did it grow straight up for a long ass time before deciding to branch off? @GrumpAzz
Getting ready to change the power to flower. 5 gallon pots this time, went with 4ft bamboo but was just shy on one plant some it got 3ft...basically because she has the thickest stems. Hoping the taller stakes allow me more to tie to during stretch and I can prune these a little easier then with the scrog net I used last run. Running multiple strains, nanners are a concern so id rather be able to thoroughly inspect or pull each plant.IMG_20240401_160100189_HDR.jpg

I gotta redo the net, and I'm lazy at the moment and since I'm not mono cropping this run, this seemed to be the best bet....may regret it but worst case I'll panic and rebuild it and slap it on top if stretch gets too crazy or buds get too fat. Still gonna go thru and lollipop them. Probably tonight but again I'm kinda feeling like a bum we will's eminent though.
Nice did it grow straight up for a long ass time before deciding to branch off? @GrumpAzz
I screened her off at like 8" but she really wanted to be taller. So much so that she split her stalk pushing against it. Getting close to being all healed up, though. We're a week into 12/12 now.
Oh yea that's right man, right on...anxious to see her full reveal
Oh yea that's right man, right on...anxious to see her full reveal
Man me too. Bandit's description of it sounded sound good. Like a propane infused pile of cat puke. I love a good raunchy strain, so I'm hoping my turns out similar.

She's a bushy plant, for sure. I thought I trimmed the shit out of her before I flipped but she's put out so many leaves that some of my runners aren't getting light. Everything had plenty of light the day after the trim. Now, she's a full on bush again. Some of the fans I took we bigger than my hand.
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