Pet Thread! Let's see those critters you call family!

Only 5? You need 6 or more to be classified “crazy cat” anything.

It does sound like if the right cat walks by and gives you a look you’ll be at 6 in no time. 🤣👍

Nice fur babies. Bet they’re fun.😊
Like they say. The cat picks it owner. But I’m done. I just need to find a good rescue center.
Fla dogs tryin stay warm - yes they have their own bed most of the time - that’s what happens when ur kids grow up the animals replace them ! Lol


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When Willow wants to go for a walk she lets you know.
View attachment 40808

Here she was asked if my son had walked her yet. She ran and got her harness and dodged him to bring it to me. 🤣🦮
Haha Jack went in his cabinet this morning and drug his toy bag over to me.
Apparently he wants to play🤣🥳
Anyone else's cat hang out in their bathtub? View attachment 55321
He will literally lay in there and then come out dripping wet.
Water doesn't seem to bother him.
I had one when I moved from home that would use the bathtub as a litter box if I didn’t clean it right away. Wasn’t that bad actually.

Our last cat use to hop in and get drinks of water. If she moved the handle to go from tub to shower it would drip water that was trapped in the pipe.

My sisters cat use to lay in her bathroom sink while she got ready for work.🤣
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