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I had to look that up.
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When I was in Cambodia for work, we were walking around town one night when we passed a brothel. There's no "Yo dudes! This is s brothel!" sign, but there are always a couple of guys outside, whispering to passing men what the deal is.

At this one, the guy said, "Lady, man for boom-boom?" My co-worker said, "Wait, did he say, 'Lady? Man? for boom-boom,' or did he say 'Ladyman for boom-boom?'"

We didn't have the guts to find out.
Some stuff my wife sent me this morning from the mall, the local school came in and built all this out of canned food items. View attachment 56881View attachment 56882View attachment 56883View attachment 56884View attachment 56885View attachment 56886
Very cool. Reminds me of a kids show about art my kids watched. By the end they would have an “art attack” where the host made a super large painting when viewed from top down. Using chairs, ladders, tarps or whatever was at hand.
@CannaGranny they're stunning looking photos 😍thanks for sharing them.

I've a few more pics here.
I was walking the source of the loch/lake and seen this.
It's eye catching colour on a peat moor.
A favourite fishing spot.
A beautiful brown trout my best to date.
Does anyone enjoy fishing?

Omg I love fishing especially sea trout during the hours of darkness.
The sun was just coming over the horizon I'd had a memorable night with 6 landed plus a few other tugs and tussles before getting off.
I'm looking forward to getting out onto the river.
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