SSgrower in coco&perlite growing perpetual

Thinned the pair of "Superstars" good but, they will come back with even more foliage before you know it. Morning all you Early Birds, let's wake an bake as I found two jar's I did not realize I had moved to another room, my lung room. What a find! two jar's, so I made $80.00 and had a shrimp salad for supper. Good Morning Vietnam!
Poor old cabin, needs floors, ect. inherited so who am I to complain, need to retire and I will have IRA money for floors, after that I am lost until I perfect my germination. Then I feel I can safely feed myself and all, huh Granny?
These gals show my Dr. Dingledorf side, using chemistry. Notice the rainbow reflection on the back of the tent wall. Dudes,growmies,pimps and ohh's, is the weed got me goin or are you high and see it too??20240524_061118.jpg20240524_060952.jpg20240524_055757.jpg20240524_055752.jpg
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Accidentally broke the mystery plant on the right and man! Good High, taste I can not tell, smells like cannabis? Yep, can't wait to harvest her. Cheers! Last 2 pic's show a reflection thur my "Pro" setting in my Samsung G camera phone,Wow!
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Hell yea Zen, it was ass kickin High, early though, whem it's ready, wow, I am too, wanna cut it soon, Dang! Plant on the right I broke maybe week 7 flower.
It was 4:21 or so, that is a fancy, works itself, clock. Battery operated though. Morning guys, slight headache, cannabis to the Rescue! Coffee too.
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