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made beef stew today and cooked the beef cubes in the sous vide.. the stew came out great but i saved some of the beef and made a chopped cheese steak with colby jack, A1, and fresh chimichurri!! ... and of coarse miracle whip!!!! πŸ˜›

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Looks great Brother!!! I'm excited for when I do my picanha because it gives me a reason to make chimichurri. πŸ˜‹

I made another pho bowl with all the leftover Vietnamese fixins today but added some grilled wagyu caps for protein.

On the searing plates at 500*F and cooked by probe to 135 then shut it down to rest and melted butter into them



Untied and chopped up


And in the bowl it goes!!!

Friday my wife and I played hookie from work and went on an afternoon date. Started off getting high AF then hitting the road with the proxy and some dabs to a bowling alley a few miles down the road. More dabs there + a couple margaritas she ended up beating me two games to one.
Got an idea on the way out, "hey, lets get some Vietnamese takeout!"

Here's my high AF pho bowl creation
Over noodles and broth we've got some mixed veggies like pickled carrots, onions, Thai basil, and sprouts. Mix in some chopped rare ribeye, a beef rib bone, & lobster tail. On the side, a fried egg roll and a pork belly bao. Washed it down with Lucky Buddha and Hanoi Beer while watching Good Morning Vietnam back at home on the big screen.
I also got a French Dip bahn mi but got so full from the pho I haven't opened it up yet but it's made with brisket, sriracha hoison glaze, carrots, cukes, jalapenos, basil, sprouts, yum yum spread on a French bread roll with a pho broth dip.
It was soooooo good!!! We don't get to eat out very often and when we do it's something I want no part of trying to make at home. I won't fuck with making Vietnamese food at all and since we have a few really really good pho among a ton of pho joints in the area I let the pros do this work and stay in my lane

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Looks amazing. The broth makes or breaks it, and the good stuff is usually the result of hours and hours of alchemy/witchcraft. I'm with you on leaving that to the pros..
My wife was craving Mongolian Beef for her Mother's day meal, so yesterday I prepped the flank steak in soy/alkaline brine and whipped up the dark sauce(oyster sauce, dark sweet soy, sugar, mirin and chicken broth). Meat gets patted dry and velveted(egg white and starch) after 24hr brine before being deep fried. Finished off in the wok w the sauce, garlic and green onion. I'll get some pics of the finished product.
Frying the beef
Crispy but super tender from the brine.

Rehydrated minced garlic
Reducing the sauce to a glaze before quick stir fry of the beef and green onion

Everyone gathers around the island, grabs chopsticks and goes for it. One of our all-time favorites.
Picked up some Baby Backs to smoke for dinner tomorrow πŸ˜‹ 😍

The store I shop started putting boneless turkey breasts in the bin with all the other smoking meats like ribs and briskets so I grabbed one + a couple slabs of beef ribs for tomorrows cook out


The turkey will get a 24 hour Cajun brine bath while the ribs will get a traditional Texas dry rub and sauce on the side.


Yesterday's lunch was yummy junkfood...Nashville hot chicken sammy w/ pickles and ranch on lightly toasted Italian bread

fuck i would inhale that sandwich right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^^


saw the new chilis baby back commercial the other day.. had me all hungry for ribs.... i got my baby back baby back... BBQ sauuuuuuce!!!!! :D
Picked up some Baby Backs to smoke for dinner tomorrow πŸ˜‹ 😍
May end up tomorrow's dinner lol.
My body and I have been arguing with each other pretty badly today. So I've been doing a whole lot of nothing, haven't even smoked since last night.
From the top of my neck to the middle of my back is just on fucken fire and these super sharp stabbing pains coke and go every like 7 minutes.
It's been a wonderful day here lol.
fired up the grill for the first time in a long time....

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also fired up the big speakers for the first time in a long time... anybody else thump with an 18"?

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bullseye and budweiser!!!!

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Gotta nice little 12" built in amp crowd pleaser in the back of my Taco.:devilish:


Yeah, fuck silent discos!!!!

My smoked turkey breast came out really good! Super spicy with the cajun brine and heavy pepper rub. Also threw a sausage link on the pit


Beef ribs are my new fave in the rib game. These came out so dang good when I can I'm gonna opt for beef over pork ribs often this Summer. Best of all they're not priced crazy high like dino bone ribs but might be better since they're not all fat and bone. Good meat on these dudes and it pells off the bone nice and clean. Only needed about 6 hours to smoke too so not an all day project

damn that looks good!!! i'm pretty hungry for turkey now!!!!!!

I'm about to make a day after Thanksgiving thick cut style sammy with this one. 😊 The brine really surprised me how good a job it did and since it's just a big flat boneless breast I only needed half the brine kit.
They also make a apple sage and thinking about maybe brining chicken for smoking with them
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